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Seriously, what are the reproductive strategies of extraterrestrials? How do aliens procreate? The biology of these organisms is extremely hard to predict.

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Valentine's day is coming up, which means it's time to get romantic with your alien loved one. But how exactly do you do the deed with someone whose DNA comes from the other side of the galaxy? How do you negotiate differing erogenous zones and the possibility that your lover may want to eat you after the act?

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Sex in space is human sexual activity in the weightlessness of outer space. It presents difficulties for the performance of most sexual activities due to Newton's third law. According to the law, if the couple remain attached, their movements will counter each other.

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According to recent scientific reports, there may be between 8 billion and 13 billion life bearing planets in our galaxy alone. With numbers like that we will certainly encounter living beings from outer space someday. When we do, what will they look like?

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As part of our report exploring the future of sex, we get hot and sweaty with science fiction from "Blade Runner" to "Her. Warning: This story contains descriptions of racy onscreen sex -- and seductive aliens. In Woody Allen's comic caper "Sleeper," 22nd-century citizens hop into a machine called the Orgasmatron for instant sexual gratification.

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Even a short message could send civilisation into such chaos that it would destroy itself — much cheaper than sending battleships. Messages sent by aliens from space could destroy life as we know it on Earth if we're not careful about how we read them, scientists have warned. A new paper explores how we might read and understand a message that came to us from space.

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Verified by Psychology Today. In Excess. Exophilia refers those individuals who derive sexual pleasure and arousal from extraterrestrial, robotic, supernaturalor otherwise non-human life forms although I ought to point out that the only academic reference to exophilia is in Dr.

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Image via Shutterstock. Alien porn is a lot of things. Barney and Betty Hilla couple from New Hampshire, claimed they were kidnapped by a spaceship. Later, under hypnosis, Barney said he recalled his abductors inserting a cylinder into his anus and taking a sperm sample.

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What happens when a little green man loves a little green woman and decides to have a little green baby? No-one knows, because humans have not yet caught beings from outer space in the act of physical affection. But now a top evolutionary biologist has decided to shed some light on how aliens might make love.

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