Pikes theory of adult learning

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Three primary goals defined the GGE program: recruitment and retention of students in the geropsychology program, a doctoral level interdisciplinary class, and a set of clinical rotations in urban and rural sites. Outcomes were promising, indicating that geropsychology students were able to provide services with positive outcomes to underserved older adults in primary care settings and in a legal clinic, students from several disciplines rated the course very highly, and psychology students indicated that they were likely to continue in the field of geriatric care. Participating students have gone on to careers in geropsychology.

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Andragogya term popularized by Malcome Knowles in in the US, is an adult learning theory that distinguishes itself from pedagogy. The differences largely depend on the differences between a child and an adult. Where children typically require direction in the form of a teacher and curriculum, adults typically prefer to direct themselves and have more say in their learning path.

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Go to Main Content. Introduces basic instructional theories and applications, with particular emphasis on adult learners. Includes syllabus development, learning goals and outcomes, and lesson plans.

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Andragogy is the close cousin of pedagogy. Pedagogy refers to teaching as a whole and andragogy, a term coined by Malcolm Knowles, is the practice of teaching adult learners. Below is the Wikipedia breakdown of the two words.

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Welcome to CRCPress. Please choose www. Your GarlandScience.

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When it comes to corporate training, one of the biggest mistakes that companies often make is that they start putting together training plans based on p[ Everyone learns a little bit differently. Some people excel with visual information while others have to hear or write something down for learning to stick.

Recall the kinds of learning activities we did as small children—coloring, drawing, finger-painting—all hands-on activities. Children learn through doing, and that's how they gain experience. As adults, we bring extensive experience to our training programs.

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Bob Pike. For more than 25 years his has been among the top 3 speakers in both attendance and evaluations at those conferences. Stefanie Weaver.

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Summary: Andragogy refers to a theory of adult learning that details some of the ways in which adults learn differently than children. For example, adults tend to be more self-directed, internally motivated, and ready to learn. Teachers can draw on concepts of andragogy to increase the effectiveness of their adult education classes.


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