Asian parliamentary debate simple explanation

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Thanks for the info What teams from the Philippines are making great waves in Parli? If the judging pannel consits of 3 people- 1 chair and the 2 side judges.

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Debating can look intimidating from the sidelines, with speakers appearing confident, passionate and unwavering, but it consists of skills that anybody can learn. Debating may not be something that you encounter in your everyday work but these skills can be incredibly valuable. In this article we provide a guide to the basics of debating.

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Debating is essentially a very simple activity - about arguing the rights and wrongs of policies and ideas. However, like many other activities, it has developed over time its own specialist vocabulary for otherwise simple concepts. This is a comprehensive glossary of the most commonly used debating terms to help clarify what we do.

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Parliamentary debate also referred to as "parli" is an academic debate event. Many university-level institutions in English-speaking nations sponsor parliamentary debate teams. In addition the format is currently spreading to the high school level.

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This article has been rewritten. It now features a short description of the format, and then you can find a transcript of a longer lecture, if you would like to hear details about the Asian Parliamentary debate format. This debate format is mainly used in the Asia news Sherlock :D and is also the basics of the World schools debate format.

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Asian Parliamentary Debate is a debate format, similar to American Parliamentary Debatein which two teams of three compete in each match. If you have a computer, set one of these sites as your homepage so that global issues "sink in" each time you open your browser. A great weekly read for sheer breadth is the The Economist.

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Roles of Speakers - the Second Speakers in both teams, or the Deputies. Debates are basically structured discussions. Each debate has a format and these rules are there to ensure fairness.

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Jefferson T. Enhances the ability to develop reasoned opinions. Gives a better understanding of the current events and the world around us.

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POIs or Points of Information are questions or statements made by opposing side speakers to a speaker delivering his speech or to the adjudicators or the general audience in a Parliamentary Debate format. As opposed to other debate formats where the speaker whose turn it is to speak holds the floor completely by himself throughout his alloted time to speak, in Parliamentary Debate formats, opposing side speakers are allowed opportunities to pose questions or counter-arguments within an opposing debater's speech by raising a Point of Information. To raise a POI, the formal way is to stand up, place one hand on top of the head, extend one hand towards the speaker speaking and say "Point of Information". This practice derives from the practice in British Parliaments.