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The head coach of Goa's state swimming team, sacked after a video of him sexually abusing a teenage swimmer sent shockwaves on social media, has been arrested, the police said today. Goa Swimming Coach: A video of a swimming coach from Bengal sexually abusing a teenaged swimmer, also from the state, in a room in Goa and the swimmer's testament has sent shockwaves on social media and the country's sports world. A controversial Tibetan monk whose best-selling book on Buddhist wisdom was overshadowed by multiple allegations of sexual abuse has died in Thailand, his official social media account reported.

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One unforeseen consequence of the rise of the internet has been an explosion in the illicit trade of child sexual abuse images and videos. Child sexual abuse material legally known as child pornography refers to any content that depicts sexually explicit activities involving a child. Visual depictions include photographs, videos, digital or computer generated images indistinguishable from an actual minor.

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This website makes use of javascript to optimize your browsing experience. Unfortunately, your browser appears to have javascript disabled — please enable it ensure your visit is optimal. This report highlights the serious prevalence of child sexual abuse material on the internet and the need for more to be done to identify the children portrayed in the images and videos, stop offenders, and reduce the availability and continued distribution of this content.

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Our International Child Sexual Exploitation ICSE image and video database is an intelligence and investigative tool, which allows specialized investigators to share data on cases of child sexual abuse. Using image and video comparison software, investigators are instantly able to make connections between victims, abusers and places. The database avoids duplication of effort and saves precious time by letting investigators know whether a series of images has already been discovered or identified in another country, or whether it has similar features to other images.

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At CEOP we have seen an increase in cases of sexual abuse which takes place solely online. In these cases the children involved never meet the offender face to face and all of the abuse takes place over the internet - via images, webcam or live streaming. Though the ways they do it vary, the basic tactic used by offenders is to trick or persuade a young person to share a sexual image, strip or perform sexual acts on webcam or live streaming platforms.

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E-mail address: andrea. The authors gratefully acknowledge the excellent research assistance provided by Jin Lee and Hillary Walker, and Linn Clark's indispensable editorial support. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues.

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Taipei, March 15 CNA Taiwan is joining the "Me Too" movement that has become a global campaign to raise awareness of the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, by setting up a website and hotline to give victims of such crimes a platform to stand up and be heard. According to the Taiwan Women's Link, victims of sexual assault and harassment often stay silent for a number of reasons, including fear of backlash, shame, lack of privacy and repeat attacks. Due to this culture of silence, however, perpetrators are allowed to continue their attacks on their original or new victims without anyone stepping in to stop them.

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Child sexual abuse images are frequently referred to as child pornography, a term that rather trivializes the true nature of such depictions. The internet provides the opportunity for easy and vast distribution. Once put into circulation, it is almost impossible to completely rid the net of them again.

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And I think that was one of the first times I ever owned what happened to me. One of her most poignant bodies of work is titled Signed, Xand explores the various facets of survival following a sexual assault. For the project, Ryan began interviewing and photographing survivors of sexual assault, collecting their stories so that others might better comprehend the real and lasting trauma that can reside years after the event.


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