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Snitches snitches snitches y'all be running they mouth just like bitches Snitches snitches snitches Niggaz be running they mouth just like bitches Snitches snitches snitches They be running they mouth just like bitches Snitches snitches snitches I got a slug for ya'll muthafuckin' snitches. I heard a nigga snitching from his jail cell And when he get out will he live, only time will tell Nigga riding with the police Used to be my homie now the punk bitch hating on me I guess the nigga mad cause I'm ballin' Task kicked the nigga door in now he talking My little cousin Jimmy told me in jail he was a drag queen Now he on probation drug dealer with a tape machine Watch the bitch he got a camera But when I catch the nigga I'ma slam him down with a hammer And 17 nails 'Cause bitches talk shit and snitches get killed. Snitches, snitches, snitches Niggaz that run they muthafuckin' mouth like bitches That's snitches, snitches Federal niggaz in the muthafuckin' ghetto Federal niggaz that's in the muthafuckin' penatentiary Niggaz with muthafuckin' license to capture other niggaz But they ain't got no muthafuckin' badges but they still catching cases Snitches, snitches, I know y'all niggaz trying to get us Snitches, snitches punk bitches, bitches Niggaz was bitches when they was on the streets, and they bitches in jail That's what snitches is Tthat's niggaz with purses nigga, pocket books, nigga Niggaz with dresses, snitches This for y'all bitches To all ya'll niggaz I feel ya muthafuckin' pain Watch y'all muthafuckin' self The haters got the high beam on They got lights on top of they muthafuckin' Cutlasses I know who y'all is niggaz.

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At my last advertising job, I used the office as a treatment center. Luckily, being a genius, I could lie and dissuade my coworkers from needing my attendance in meetings or actual work. The office provided a sanctuary for me to dry out, sober up, and get ready to do it all over again that night.

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Christian Rich Poke lyrics - Childish Gambino feat. Stevie G. I got J.

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