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Clutching my Kindle in one hand and holding onto the handrail for dear life with the other, I struggle to stay upright as the train lurches from side to side. Wearing spike heels on the tube is far from practical, but I can't bear to pair trainers with my suit skirt, even on my daily commute. With a job like mine, I have to look good at all times — and trainers stuck on the end of denier legs stand out like a white dress on a blue-lit dance-floor.

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Nicole is embarrassed about the reason for visiting her doctor, but she is not nearly as embarrassed about having a problem in her most intimate of places as she is about fantasizing of being with her family doctor. When Nicole is alone with her doctor, his somewhat unorthodox suggestions for treatment leave her speechless. Nicole quickly undressed, but was too embarrassed to remove her panties.

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Erotic super shorts, sexy short stories, erotic short stories, erotic literature, adult stories, love, XXX stories, adult fiction, kinky sex stories, porn stories, short erotic stories, free erotica, sexually explicit stories, erotic fiction, short sex stories. Her nicely trimmed muff also solicited a compliment from the doctor, who then told her to lie on the examination table. She seemed nervous as she stretched her lithe body out on the white paper sheet, closing her legs tightly together as if she wanted to keep her crack concealed.

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So what is going on? Well, according to the fabulous neurologist I saw last week, my migraines have morphed into something really goddamn special. This time, however, I developed a bizarre numbness in my cheek—and later, the entire side of my face—paired with completely blurred vision in one eye, which led some doctors to believe I might be having a stroke. That would be the day the panic attack struck, by the way.

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Each of the four doctors snapped on a pair of clear latex gloves and covered their mouths with a mask. They motioned for me to do the same. Doctor Baron moved the table on which a whole host of sterilised medical instruments lay prepared closer.

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Gynecological Visit- An erotic short story Sophia winced as the door shut, leaving her alone with the exam table. The damn thing took up all breathable space. She fiddled with the ties keeping her hoodie cinched around her head.

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By Zvi Zaks. ISBN : Doctor Donald Farber opened the door to his examining room, a small area with medical diagrams and diplomas on white walls, a faint smell of disinfectant, and--he had to admit--no personality.

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The red headed receptionist glanced over her designer glasses at me, then at the computer screen, before looking back at me. It was far too short and I regretted wearing it now, but with my black, fuck me heels, my legs looked incredibly long and. I fidgeted about in the chair like a five year old, the plastic squeaked. I sifted through a pile of glossy gossip magazines, but nothing juicy caught my attention, so I let out an impatient huff and I threw.


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